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The Global Market Structure team provides information and expertise to Deutsche Bank’s clients, local policy makers and infrastructure providers, helping them respond to and shape market structure and better understand local and global issues.
The team of experts is located in three main regions: EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas.

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MiFID II Equity Series

October 2017
Topic 5, Update 1, MiFID II – Research Unbundling
Briefing Note – Trading Capacities under MiFID II
Directory of Documents

September 2017
Briefing Note – Amendment to Definition of SI and Industry Response to EC Consultation
Briefing Note – Changing Landscape of Equity Trading
Topic 7, MiFID II – Extraterritoriality
Briefing Note – Transparency for Equity Derivatives

June 2017
Topic 2, Update 1, MiFID II – Systematic Internalisers, Trading Obligation and Matched Principal Trading
Topic 6, Update 1, MiFID II – Impact on Non Equities
Topic 1, Update 1, MiFID II – Trade and Transaction Reporting
Topic 4, Update 1, MiFID II – Direct Electronic Access, Algorithmic Trading and Self-Assessment

April 2017
An Overview of MiFID II

December 2016
Topic 3 MiFID II – Best Execution


Guide to Global Equity Exchanges 2017

Global Market Guide 2017

Asia Pacific: +852 2203-5710
EMEA: +44 20 754-75552
Americas: +1 212 250-8144


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