Building wealth is just the beginning. The next challenge is to secure it. Experience has taught Raghuvinder Kataria never to take anything for granted. Deutsche Bank is helping him make sure his life’s work is passed on within his family.?

Raghuvinder Kataria knows how uncertain life can be. He was born in India then moved to Uganda at the age of five when his father took a job there. But the family was forced to leave everything behind when the government expelled the Asian community in 1972.

They began a new life in the UK. After a career in business and success as an entrepreneur, the next stop on Mr Kataria’s journey was Dubai, where he lives today. A life of hard work has brought rewards. The priority now is to create stability and security for his family.

The memory of being uprooted means Mr Kataria is acutely aware of the need to manage risk. “It’s sometimes easy to make money but very difficult to sustain it,” he says. Mr Kataria has two children. The steps he has taken to provide for their future include inheritance planning. Deutsche Bank is helping to implement those plans. “Partnership is important to me. That’s what I get from Deutsche Bank,” he says.?

With wealth management, asset management and investment banking all under one roof, the bank is a good match for very sophisticated global investors like Mr Kataria. “We can provide investments that are an exact fit for what each client wants to do,” explains Shampi Chopra of Wealth Management.

We help Mr Kataria implement his inheritance plans. He greatly appreciates the value we can add
Shampi Chopra, Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has assisted on real estate transactions and fixed income investments to support Mr Kataria’s investment goals of preservation and growth. Those goals have a higher purpose. He says, “Whatever you have strived for is for the betterment and financial security of your family. They are the people who really matter in your life.”?

Inheritance planning

Deutsche Bank helps families all over the world plan how to protect and pass on their wealth
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