Art, Culture & Sports

Why do we promote art, culture and sports?

Art, culture and sports bring people together, fill them with passion: Art works, inspires people to engage with the present and helps them develop creative ideas for the future. Culture inspires - across borders. It is always an encounter and an exchange. Sports connect people and motivate them to perform and show fairness.

Promoting art, culture and sports means helping to shape our society, to give it new impetus, and enabling people to have unforgettable experiences.

What contribution do we make?

Deutsche Bank has been involved in art, culture and sports for a long time, both nationally and internationally. The Art, Culture & Sports unit continually pushes forward these activities and devises programs that benefit the public as well as our customers and employees. In doing so, we want to live up to our corporate responsibility and promote our business activities at the same time.

Which projects do we support?

Under the motto “ArtWorks,” Deutsche Bank has offered employees, customers, and the general public access to contemporary art for 35 years. The heart of our art activities is the Deutsche Bank Collection, which today is one of the world’s most renowned corporate collections and whose works are on view in the bank’s office buildings as well as in international exhibitions. The “Artist of the Year” award is directed at artists who are on the verge of their international breakthrough. In the sphere of culture, we support the Berliner Philharmoniker, Musikgymnasium Schloss Belvedere in Weimar, and the English Theatre in Frankfurt, among others. Deutsche Bank is also the National Sponsor of the German Sports Aid Foundation and thus helps talented young athletes reconcile competitive sports with their careers. With the German Equestrian Sport Academy, outstanding dressage talents are promoted.

Vibrant, inspiring, and cosmopolitan: the new PalaisPopulaire


Situated in the heart of Berlin, on Unter den Linden boulevard, the PalaisPopulaire by Deutsche Bank combines tradition and the future, local and global culture. It offers visitors an exciting mix of art, culture and sports.

Selected projects

English Theatre

English Theatre Frankfurt

Deutsche Bank supports the largest English-language theater in continental Europe.
English Theatre Frankfurt

Online art magazine


Keep up with contemporary art – with ArtMag.
ArtMag online

Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy

Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy

With this initiative, Deutsche Bank promotes young exceptional dressage talents individually and sustainably. more
Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship

Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship

Deutsche Bank has accompanied the German Sports Aid Foundation for many years – since 2001. more


Forum for art, culture and sports?© Matthias Schormann,?Artist of the Year?© Caline Aoun,?Deutsche Bank Collection?© Photo: John Wildgoose, © Keith Tyson, Berliner Philharmoniker © Monika Rittershaus, English Theatre:?Photo: Christian Muth

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